Hi and thanks for looking in on me, here's some info for you on Mobile Internet trends.

Google: the No 1 search engine!

How many people did you know twenty years back that had a computer? Not everyone.

How many people did you know fifteen years back that had a website? Not everyone.

How many people did you know ten years back that had a laptop? Not everyone.

How many people did you know five years back that had an internet enabled mobile phone? Not everyone.

How many people do you know NOW that have a smartphone – EVERYONE – Hell, how many people don’t have a smartphone ! They’re on it all day every day and they’re browsing the web. There’s no need to wait until they get home, wait for the kids to finish on Facebook then sit at their desktop PC to get their favourites up. The internet is now mobile 24/7 at everyone’s fingertips. Even TV adverts use moving images of smartphones such as on the BBC program trailers and lots of big players, radio stations etc. emphasise their mobile presence to encourage smartphone users to interact.
A few statistics which are relevant to your business:

The number of mobile phones sold will soon exceed the world’s population.
In 2014 – mobile internet use surpassed desktop use.
By 2015 there were more smartphones on the net than desktop pc’s.
Mobile traffic to rise 40 fold over the next 5 years (Cisco Systems)
Mobile network connection speed rose 9 fold in 2016 (Cisco)
Mobile web is ramping up 8 times faster than the web boom of the 90’s.

95% of Smartphone users search for local information.
88% take action on the same day.
Local information searchers are Ready-To-Buy.
77% contact a business 44% make a purchase.

Google: 67% of mobile users when they visit a mobile site say they’re more likely to buy that site’s products or services over a non-mobile site.
74% say they’re more likely to return as opposed to visitors of non-mobile sites.
48% have been frustrated by a bad experience on non-mobile friendly sites.
52% say that a bad mobile experience means they are less likely to engage.
61% will move on if the required information is not found right away.
5 to 10 times faster conversion when on a mobile site.
Nielsen: businesses reported 13% increase of traffic with a mobile site.

70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour.
9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action.
55% of searchers will visit a local business 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy a service or product offline.

Look at the next generation, how many actually use Yellow Pages or Thompson?
Is your business information being seen by people who are looking for it when they're looking and if so are they getting the best user-experience available?
If they do find you, how do they know you're good and can they find you again easily?
Are your competitors doing it better than you and is there room for improvement?

You'll need to view these on a smartphone to see the improvement in user-friendliness:
1.Here's the desktop version: Main homepage

Here's The mobi version

2.Here's the desktop version: Main homepage

Here's The mobi version

One of our current projects is building a replacement site for a hotel in Skegness Lincolnshire, who need to up their game to compete with the major hotel booking agencies. Just up the road in Mablethorpe we have the first venture into the online world for a company who need to show well against the other beauty salons in Mablethorpe, Skegness and Ingoldmells.
Please feel free to Google:

Mablethorpe Beauty Salons
for Emmaculate Salon

black labrador puppies for sale to find:
Black Lab pups, Ready Now in Lincolnshire, One Boy still available
A National search for the most popular puppy in the country, found above all the dog breeders websites ! !

Lincolnshire steeplejacks
To find GJB Steeplejacks new site on page ONE

Coventry fishmonger
for the Mobile Tuesday Van EVERYWHERE on Google

Cleethorpes karate
for Cleethorpes Shotokan karate Club

Best Fishmonger in London
for londonfishmonger.co.uk

grimsby accountant
for Solutions Accountants

to see some of our work and the result of good web promotion.

From these smartphone sites you are just two quick thumb-clicks from being telephoned. On a desktop type website it takes a process of expanding the homepage, scrolling & sliding to find the Contact page, click that then same again to find the phone number, then what...Bye Bye, can't be bothered. Lost sale!

07790 459051
(Of course, that's only for if you're on your mobile reading this :-)

Or email me on: me@nigels.mobi